Believe Anything

by TV Moms

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released October 2, 2018


all rights reserved



TV Moms Minneapolis, Minnesota

TV Moms is a loud, grungy, guitar-drums, guy-guy rocknroll two-piece band. Ok, not all the songs are loud. There’s some singing in there, but not vocal gymnastics. Bummer rock is a thing? But a little more sarcastic. Riff-based guitar stuff that is really fun to play, even if you don’t play guitar that much. And Dave plays drums. He broke a stick a couple times. ... more

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Track Name: Get Away
Call that guy a clown break the carton down go to see my friend works at the host stand
Yeah, you are both of them
Get away
Take one safe step before you come in we could go out the park in the rain
Shows that you have thrown heads where we left place like you would know wrap it up and sold
Track Name: Mouse
When I’m saving up for a city dream set will you tell me what we thought about
The mouse lives in your head
They have been going out for a while now there are a bunch of cars with bigger backseats
Herd of ponies see them in the clouds running free from nightmare with the big mouth
Track Name: Turnaround
Beautiful day for a wedding creature isn’t far away I’m seeing a lot of orange I refuse to answer
We could turnaround
It is in there unnecessarily creature looking to kill why did you let him go I brought them to you
Soon for the rest of your life college or dig them up I really like the fake stuff thanks for the letter 
Track Name: Perfect Son
Seat yourself state intent my son sold you to them that is not the point my perfect son
Come up and see what do I think about what I have to do grow up be numb
Left to you in a week you wouldn’t know
More to use show your solution
Track Name: Nothing New
Do you need this get yr own shit some existence work yr late shift play chords and piss in some sequence find broke pieces seems unlikely
You need it go buy a sweater you need this I am nothing
Years of preset hollow questions both to feed it meet some penguins treat most recent patients equally
Figured out what was best to learn leave a letter I could use some reading
Track Name: Empty Sleeve
Sagittarius not there enough of you today nerves are used to equal pain an empty sleeve knew
Load you with advertisement
Live at someone else’s house what chance is there to meet thoughts etched into your eyelids can’t escape you
Wake with no real surprise braindead point of view
Track Name: Dirty Hair
Now you say that you would be better try and relate total repair
Dirty went to the stylist help you into the chair grow you out or I can cut you off be my pesticide
Now you come back simple lesson call the neighbor dream of mistake
Total collapse unknown sender get one today blankly I stare
Now you say that better I care
Track Name: Anxiety
Got your little paw face don’t believe anything you get to me tonight cyclones tapped into you
Move the pins pull again strike against no penalty what to see when to die give the scraps of what you like
My friend called anxiety
Sent you with sympathy got a little injury lose the gift never seen heaven knows how to disguise
Forced into reality pulls you until fever breaks eating with barrel ties in the room of my disease
Ask to be less in yr head the more you know the more yr not poetry is stupid nothing else needs to be said
Track Name: Happiness Don't Leave
I am very unimpressed I know yr bright enough fall on yr face try standing on my neck I participate traps the taste
Happiness don’t leave
Cut to a video I win again paper kills scissors yr pretty good at this throw yr books away enthusiasm is where we go
His name is Joe be creative no points off
Track Name: Silver Soak
Unglue my patience sure I get by held my job well sure I get some milk too
No messages no content
Back of the silver soak sure I get some milk too fill it up with blue foam gloves from getting dead
At dawn get sick or cold sure I get some milk too watch the display so it is safe won’t help what you soak
Track Name: Admit Yr Wrong
Get sober fall off water the plants get a job admit yr wrong wake up take the sick out get yr own style
Don’t be upset just don’t announce it truth turn into self medicate
Quit harshing my friends make yr own mellow out turn off the tv it is all over yourself
Aim for flush then clean muffle shut apologize
Track Name: Stripes
He looks through the trash for puzzles about math it is the only thing he knows how to do there is some problem in his mind
Wear your stripes find your buddy save a slice time to operate
He lives in an empty can crawls along the garbage path not so bad feeds the critters too counting numbers for a bride
Cages pine shavings and rats ask her to unlock the trap bits of trash to come inside hologram won’t like you back

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